Temples of Light

Welcomes You


In the days of light that are upon us we are moving swiftly into a new ray of light. One of trust and love, beauty and forgiveness leaving behind our old ways. Where our bodies and souls once held fear and found that to be our drive, we are now being driven by the trust and love of our inner knowing. Our mission is one of service to help release the wounds of our past and co-create a new foundation of inner light to build together a world of love. As the temples of light within us are switched on and illuminating the soul, all darkness is washed away and our illuminated souls of love and light prevail.

Our Mission

we are healers working with many different modalities allowing spirit to direct us with each client  we work with.  We are dedicated to love and integrity and seek the highest best for all that we work with.  Our compassion comes from our hearts and the depths of our souls

If you are interested in setting up a private session contact us at 916-782-2601

love and light

Diana and Jared